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A custom made painting titled "They Gather at Laurel Place"by the artist Beverly Ash Gilbert.  The image depicts in bright colours women, children and families gathering around a laurel tree under a full moon.


Front entrance way to Laurel Place Moreton showing Aboriginal artwork, flags, LGBTQIA+ signage and reception desk.

Childrens Room

Childrens Room

Moreton Children's counselling room contains two large red chairs, a dolls house and some other toys.

Outside Moreton office

Outside Moreton office

Street view showing Laurel Place signage above green building.

Art Room

Art Room

An art therapy room with desk, easel and bookshelf. There are remnants of paint and art supplies around the room.

Meeting Room

Meeting Room

A large room for group sessions.

Laurel Place Moreton provides a range of counselling and support options for people of all ages who have experienced recent or past sexual violence.

Our office is located in a convenient but private location in Morayfield – easily accessible by public transport and with full disability access. 

Our programs include:

We also provide information, support and advocacy to assist you with access to other services.

Phone:  (07) 5499 2096


Opening hours: Tuesday to Friday from 9am to 5pm.

What to expect if you call us seeking support...

Phone icon

1.    Your call will be transferred through to a member from the First Response Team or we may call you back at a time that suits you 

Form icon

2. The First Response Counsellor will collect some basic information.

You do not need to share information about your experience at this time.

Consulting icon

3.  We have several programs and locations, our First Response Counsellor will link you in with the service that best suits your needs.

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