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Support for First Nations People


An image showing Laurel Place staff participating in Rationshed cultural training

Resources and books

Resources and books

A display of books and resources

Family Photo

Family Photo

Naidoc Week Collage

Naidoc Week Collage

A NAIDOC Week collage completed by staff members and clients of Laurel Place in 2023.

Sand Tray

Sand Tray

An image of Aboriginal sand art symbols displayed on the wall and drawn in the sand tray

Following the appointment of our First Nations' Client Support Worker in 2004, Laurel Place continues to be one of the only mainstream sexual assault services in Queensland to have a designated support worker for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander clients. The aim of the role has been to build relationships and referral pathways with the First Nations communities across our service-delivery area, and to provide support specifically for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander clients who access our services.

Further to our broader aim of multi-cultural competency, Laurel Place is committed to ensuring that staff have access to training and resources in order to provide a culturally safe environment, and culturally-informed counselling and support for First Nations’ people.


Along with online training, forums and conferences, cultural awareness and cultural competency training is included in the professional development schedule regularly provided for staff by Management. This includes training presentations by widely-acknowledged First Nation consultants and organisations, including:


Networking and raising awareness in the community are a vital component part of our First Nations' Client Support Worker’s role. Working across the four regions of our service-delivery area allows the Worker to connect, collaborate and consult with key First Nations’ community members, organisations, and service-providers. Maintaining those connections with the community and staying informed of culturally-specific services and programs, we aim to ensure that we are able to provide referrals for a range of services that will meet the cultural needs of our First Nations’ clients. We also strive to stay up-to-date with culturally-relevant resources to provide as part of the therapeutic process.

You’ll see our Community Liaison and Support Worker and/or our Laurel Place Information Stalls at many community events, including NAIDOC Family and Community Days, Well Person’s Health Check Day, RUOK Day, Murri Networking Day, etc.

Find out more about the program here.  

The First Nations' Client Support Worker works across all four of our service-delivery areas – Sunshine Coast, Gympie, South Burnett and Moreton.

Contact by calling 0423 377 578 between 8.30am and 4.30pm – Monday to Thursday.

What to expect if you call us seeking support...


1.    Your call will be transferred through to a member from the First Response Team or we may call you back at a time that suits you 

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2. The First Response Counsellor will collect some basic information.

You do not need to share information about your experience at this time.

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3.  We have several programs and locations, our First Response Counsellor will link you in with the service that best suits your needs.

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